June 02, 2022

Crypto Platform Disruptor bitoftrade Prepares for Launch of BTRADE Token


Innovative Platform Launching New Native Utility Token Shakes up Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with Anonymous, Non-Custodial, Low Fees

bitoftrade, an industry disruptor and innovator that brought decentralized, anonymous, non-custodial, crypto trading solutions with fast transactions and low fees, today announced the pre-launch of its native token known as BTRADE ("BTRADE Tokens"). Set to be an exciting prospect for new and experienced crypto traders alike, BTRADE Tokens are expected to be pre-offered to selected backers beginning early June 2022. Upon closing of the anticipated initial USD $7.3 million offering, BTRADE Tokens will begin trading on the Company's bitoftrade exchange as well as other popular crypto exchanges.

"We have always taken a customer-focused approach to all aspects when we were building our platform by putting the user at the center of everything we do," stated Igor Chygrynov, CEO of bitoftrade. "Now, with the introduction of our BTRADE Token, holders of the token will be positioned to take part in critical decisions such as the distribution level, platform fees, and other important community initiatives to be launched in the coming months. BTRADE Token holders will participate in the Company's growth and success and will be rewarded according to their contribution level."

Denis J. Gallagher, Chairman of BOLD Capital Group and a Founding Member of bitoftrade said, "The launch of our BTRADE Token is very exciting for us. It represents our continuing evolution in the growing digital crypto market. We have seen a steady increase in our trading volumes each week since our platform launched this past March. While bitoftrade combines features for new traders to ensure safe, secure, easy to learn, quick response, and low-cost transactions, as an advanced DEX platform, we also included features experienced traders look for such as limit orders, and seamless transfers between multiple blockchains with cross-chain swaps".

"Recently, our highly popular leverage trading feature became available for most of the world's traders except for the U.S. which we plan to add shortly," added Gallagher. "More importantly, bitoftrade is a non-custodial platform; simply put, the Company does not hold any clients' account funds. Users trade directly through their e-wallets and have full control over their assets to trade anytime as opposed to some platforms that hold clients' funds and could possibly lose them."

"Another company objective was to build a turn-key platform that financial institutions and fintech companies around the world can license or 'white label' and make available to their clients while avoiding the development, operating and security costs needed to maintain a platform of this size. Many typical financial institutions, trading and brokerage firms are trying to find solutions to optimize customer demand of securely trading crypto assets and we are here to solve that problem."

Chygrynov added, "We realize that traders highly value their time, especially since trading opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye in super-charged markets. We are easing users' concerns by providing the best available instruments for secure trading of highly volatile crypto assets, while helping them maintain control over their assets."

To learn more about bitoftrade and to be waitlisted for a chance to purchase BTRADE Tokens in the pre-sale and to receive the whitepaper explaining the current offering, please send an email to or visit BTRADE Tokens, once launched, will be made available for trading on bitoftrade and other DEXs that support ERC-20 tokens.

For updates and upcoming events, please follow bitoftrade on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and LinkedIn.

About bitoftrade

bitoftrade is a decentralized trading platform with a differentiated transparent, non-custodial solution, offering advanced trading tools accessible for all types of traders. bitoftrade allows users to get more from their crypto portfolio with leverage trading (outside of the U.S.), limit orders, and swaps between all existing tokens on multiple networks with optimized market prices directly from their e-wallets, without registration or KYC verification. By providing mission critical, fully decentralized solutions on multiple blockchains, bitoftrade, provides an improved binance-like platform that has significant advantages compared to other CEXs. The Company has taken active steps to narrow the crypto customer experience gap. Customer support is only a click away via live chat, email, or phone, so there is no waiting for assistance on an account unable to capitalize on market trends. To learn more, please visit

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Doug Coupe, bitoftrade, 843.568.2455,

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