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For business

AllPay crypto

AllPay crypto is an innovative crypto payment solution. This reliable payment method is designed for e-commerce and other companies that want to accept crypto tokens as payment for their goods and services.

wallet and phone AllPay crypto
For traders
Trading platform

Decentralized multi-chain trading platform built on the Ethereum ecosystem to maximize efficiency of your crypto funds.

For business
bitoftrade Widget

A web object that works independently and can be embedded into any web page, allowing users to connect their wallet and invest any available token in the user’s balance for services or buy any other token or NFT without leaving the hosting site.

Complete DeFi Platform

There are no hidden exchange fees. You’ll receive a full summary of the fees you pay before the transaction is executed.
We are a fully decentralized exchange platform secured on chains.
You can use the bitoftrade features with your crypto wallet without verification and KYC.
High-class support
We provide the best customer service with personal care and quick responses via user friendly channels.
bitoftrade platform utilizes solutions built on top of leading blockchains.
Fiat Gateway
Buy & sell crypto for fiat. More than 40 traditional currencies and 250 cryptocurrencies are available.

Use cases

Personal exchange
Alice is a DeFi blogger who runs a 200K size community. Alice wants to include an exchange as part of her token reviews. With the bitoftrade widget, Alice can easily integrate a customized DEX in her blog.
Crypto checkout
Anna owns an online cosmetics store and would like to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments for her products. 

With the AllPay widget, she can let her customers checkout their cart by connecting their crypto wallet and sending crypto as payment.
Exclusive NFT listings
Bob, a famous artist, has decided to create an NFT collection and wants to promote it on his website. He chose to use the bitoftrade widget to pre-sell some of the collection's items on his website.