May 18, 2022

The Sandbox (SAND) Coin Review | SAND Price Prediction


Isn't the Sandbox just another video game? Not exactly. What truly stands out about the Sandbox is the same thing that sets Finland apart in present-day schooling. So what is the Sandbox, and what does it have in common with the Finnish school system, you ask? Simple, they both focus not on any formal structure during the early stages. Instead, the focus of the Sandbox game is on allowing creativity to flourish naturally in the Sandbox, pun intended.

The Sandbox game started back in 2011 with a mobile-friendly game, then another version that was released in 2016 garnered 40 million users by the time the founders decided to take the Sandbox to the blockchain. Now the Sandbox is mainstream, with over 50 partnerships with some well-known brands such as Atari. The Sandbox game is currently under construction and in Beta testing and is slightly behind its roadmap. However, investors and players are very excited about the prospects of the Sandbox ecosystem, which allows user-generated content on scales not previously seen, and enables monetization of these creations through the use of the SAND token, the native coin of the platform.

What is the Sandbox and What Makes the Sandbox Environment so Special?

What are the Sandbox game and the Sandbox metaverse, and how do these two components of the sandbox crypto project make the environment so special? First, we must understand that the Sandbox is a virtual world set on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can create and build their own gaming experience and monetize it simultaneously.

The Sandbox Metaverse Brief Overview

The Sandbox environment is centered around a user-generated content ecosystem. Players can utilize the VoxEdit software, a simple 3D voxel modeling, and NFT creation package for PC/Mac. VoxEdit allows aspiring creators to create and animate 3D objects like humans, vehicles, foliage, animals, and even tools. When artists create these 3D creations, they can be sent to the Marketplace to become NFT game ASSETS and sold on the secondary market. Once the designs are NFTs, they are sold as an ASSET. The creator needs to put it up for sale with an initial offer for sale of what they think the NFT is worth, and potential buyers can make a purchase using the SAND token.

Finally, players can create their games using the Sandbox Game maker. The creator-friendly Sandbox environment adds richness to the Sandbox metaverse by allowing huge content creation diversity.

Sandbox 4

The Sandbox Game Main Points

The Sandbox game has secured over 50 partnerships to develop content on the platform. In addition to these partners, another 15 games are being constructed under the $2M game maker fund led by community creators that have proven track records for premium content. At the core of the Sandbox ecosystem are gamers who like to play and desire to create. The Sandbox is a virtual playground for aspiring game creators to build out ideas and or recruit teams and work on immersive experiences that will show us what the Sandbox metaverse is capable of.

Within the Sandbox game, players will find SAND, the native utility token, LAND, which are pieces of the Metaverse divided up into NFTs and open to player ownership. Then players can create ASSETS using ERC-1155 protocols for excellent user-generated content. Then the apex of the Sandbox ecosystem is the toolbox that allows game creators to build ASSET/SCRIPT bundles for total interactive experiences.

Sandbox 3

SAND Token: What is SAND Used For?

The SAND token is the native currency for the Sandbox environment and can be used to purchase services. Players can trade SAND coins for Lands, Assets, and Gems or use SAND to play games or create games and assets. Finally, SAND acts as the governance token for the game, and players can vote stake curate collections utilizing the SAND token. That is ten separate utilities, all baked into EACH SAND coin.

Creators can earn SAND tokens by building ASSETS using the Voxedit and selling them in the Marketplace as NFTs for more Sandbox coins. Aspiring game artists can go as far as creating full games with the Game Maker creating interactive experiences using LANDS, or ESTATES. Then, of course, simply owning LAND can generate revenue in rentals or service fees. The more creative the creator, the more SAND tokens can be generated to earn passive income in the Sandbox metaverse.

Sandbox 2

SAND Price Prediction: The Annual Sandbox Forecast

SAND Price Prediction 2022

To make a sand crypto price prediction for this year, investors must realize that the sandbox metaverse is still in its development stage. This means that the sandbox coin price is most likely to be driven purely by speculation, and as we have seen for the past years, the crypto market is subject to sudden increases or decreases based on real-world events. When there is a lot of uncertainty globally, all the asset classes and their respective markets reflect that. Crypto is no different. Crypto, being the newest market with the highest number of retail investors out of any market, is actually the most volatile market out of all markets. This means that when there are events that have a negative price impact on global financial markets, crypto is most likely to suffer the most.

Sandbox 1

However, when applying technical analysis to the chart one might argue we see some bullish movements and are attempting a descending triangle pattern breakout. A pattern that has been slowly forming since the peak on the 24th of November last year. In the most ideal case we would require some more volume to back-up the current breakout. After the breakout candle is completed, a retrace can be expected to try and validate the pattern. If we manage to hold the diagonal line the downtrend will be broken and we might be looking at a $10.88 price target as the price target of a descending triangle is measured by drawing a line from the top of the wedge to the bottom line and moving it over to the point of the break-out as shown in the image below. More about bullish patterns.

SAND Price Prediction 2025

When you are looking to invest in the SAND metaverse token for the long run, it all comes down to whether or not the team can manage to deliver the product they said they would and keep their promises. The Sandbox metaverse roadmap can be found here:, one of the most important changes, could be the added mobile support coming up in Q3 2022. Access to mobile gaming will increase adoption as there is enormous potential for the mobile markets where most projects still fall behind. It may increase the SAND token holder number and user base by multiple times. Consequently, higher demand for SAND is expected.

Also, it is important to realize more and more of our daily lives are spent online in some way, shape, or form. To give you an example, some people would wear a 5 dollar T-shirt in real life but at the same time buy a $25 shirt for their in-game avatar. Although this might be hard to grasp for some people, this is a real thing and looking from an investor's point of view, it is wise to at least keep an eye on it. The price potential for SAND over the coming years may far exceed that of other games like Axie Infinity, which would allow the SAND token to see a 2x increase in price from its current level. This assumption would naturally assume that Axie Infinity's price would remain static, which is very unlikely. This brings us to the sandbox crypto price prediction that between $13.80 and $15.40 would be way more realistic, assuming all promises are kept moving forward.

SAND Price Prediction 2030

It's tough to know what the future of the SAND coin will be. Assuming the conditions as stated above are met, and the natural growth of the sector keeps growing, a price target between the range of $85 to $100 would be doable. Especially, looking at fundamental factors: the previous development and marketing progress the SAND team has achieved during the previous 5 years, since 2016.

However, it is improbable that a trend will keep going forever, so aiming for these price levels might be a little too optimistic. It is also worth noting that more competitors are entering the space almost daily, and it is not unlikely for another project to take place on the main stage, especially if they are developing at a faster pace than the Sandbox game. It will be hard to tell whether SAND will hold its value for so long because it solely depends on the game providing utility to the token.

Is Sandbox a Good Investment?

With the Sandbox Metaverse still being in the development stage, a reasonable risk is still involved when investing in its native SAND token. As mentioned above, the price action really comes down to the team's ability to deliver their product and keep their promises. We can not forget that the Sandbox Metaverse was first founded in 2012 and has been in development for quite some time now. However, the team working on Sandbox has shown us that they have great potential and know what they do, and if the SAND team succeed in bringing the game to a proper release, the return on investment (ROI) could be a handsome one: 300% in the short-term, 600% in the middle-term and, 3,000% in the long-run, as we have just explained.


The Sandbox is definitely a project to watch in the coming months and years. It has shown the staying power that is inherent in outstanding games. There is an enormous user base already established and an avalanche of partnerships. The slightly delayed development is pretty transparent, and the community is kept up to date. The pandemic boosted the gaming industry, which gave it more growth than expected in the last two years, and the gig economy continues to rise. SocialFi and GameFi are the rising stars in the DeFi sector now, and many people believe that gaming will be the gateway to truly mass adoption. The Sandbox ecosystem brings together partnerships that have shaped the gaming industry since inception while simultaneously providing the tools and funds that aspiring game creators need to bring their ideas to life. If executed properly, the Sandbox game has the potential to be a leader in the Metaverse that is just beginning to unfold.

Having said all that, you are still early, and today is a perfect opportunity to start playing in the Sandbox. SAND is available for Limit orders and SAND is available for direct swap on bitoftrade everyday. Begin trading with no KYC today.

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