July 25, 2022

Product Update July 2022: Markets, Virtual Trading, Automated Stop-Loss, Take-Profit Orders


We are happy to announce that bitoftrade has become even more advanced, as we’re adding brand new features to the collection.

bitoftrade is a unique platform where you can find all advanced trading tools, anonymous and decentralized, great customer support, 5 different networks, and all the information you need to make the best decisions while trading crypto.

Markets page

You no longer need to double-check the information on other websites, because everything you need to know about the origin of the token, its value, and its address can be found on the bitoftrade Markets page. Clear navigation will allow you to quickly get the most necessary information about the crypto asset you are going to trade.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 16.05.27

Virtual trading

Are you a beginner and not confident in your leverage skills? Try our simulations trading feature. Are you an experienced trader but unsure if the deal will be profitable? test your guesses without losing a single dollar. One of the coolest and most unique tools is virtual trading, which you can experience by going to the leverage trading page. To learn how to use this tool click here.

Automated stop-loss take-profit orders

SL/TP features have been available on bitoftrade for some time now and allow users to control the risk of their trades. However, now this feature has become even more convenient to use. You only need to adjust the parameters, assess your risks, and then bitoftrade will do everything for you!

Leverage onboarding process

After some requests from our users, we updated the leverage process so it will be easier for you to create a leverage account, deposit funds, and start earning right away.

New design

We love to dress up differently every once and a while, so as part of our next huge plans in our roadmap (yay!) we decided to rebrand a bit for you. Check out our new style at

If you feel like something is missing or have a cool idea, don’t hesitate to reach out on our chats, Discord, Telegram, or Suggest a feature on Canny :)

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