June 20, 2022

bitoftrade Set to Revolutionize Trading with Exciting New June Updates, including a fiat2crypto widget


We’re adding brand new features to our fully optimized trading platform including a fiat2crypto widget, new decision-making dashboard, and the presale of BTRADE.

June is an exciting month for bitoftrade, as we add even more features to our already fully integrated platform! The bitoftrade vision is to give you a platform that satisfies all your trading needs, which is why we provide our users with limit, leverage, and swap trading. Our latest and greatest additions to the bitoftrade platform are designed to make your trading experience smoother than ever before.

Read on to discover our upcoming new features and how they’re revolutionizing bitoftrade!

Introducing the fiat2crypto widget

We’ve all wanted to know how to convert crypto to cash and how much profit we can make, but sometimes this isn’t instantly obvious. Luckily our new fiat2crypto widget lets you see live and up-to-date market details for over 90 crypto coins available, with the option to select any fiat currency. The widget gives you accurate crypto to fiat conversion number, showing you how many coins you’ll receive with your fiat money.

So, what are the benefits of our new fiat2crypto widget?

With this feature, you’ll be able to see live conversation rates at the click of a button, helping you to budget and understand your investment opportunities better. You can adjust your trades depending on the coin value and get the best deal possible on your fiat to crypto exchange. The widget is easily accessible on our platform, so you won’t need to worry about switching between different websites or waste time working out the conversion rates manually. This makes for a far better trading experience!

Want to know how to use the fiat2crypto widget?

  • Visit and select “Start Trading”.

  • From the top-left options, (“Swap”, “Leverage”, “Fiat”) click “Fiat”.

  • Select the amount and type of currency you’d like to exchange.

  • The exchange rate will be automatically generated. Please select the type of currency you’d like to receive from the “You Get” options.

  • Click “Buy”.

  • Choose your payment option. Don’t forget to read and confirm acceptance of Guardarian’s “terms of service”, “privacy policy”, and our “personal data processing” information.

  • Add the address of the crypto-receiving wallet.

  • Provide your country, mobile number and/or email address and select “Send Code”.

  • Enter your received code when prompted to do so.

  • Complete the identity verification process* and payment.

  • Sit back and wait for the exchange to be made!

*Please note that identity verification is an ordinary procedure for fiat-to-crypto transfers. This is the only time you’ll ever need to complete KYC verification, as it doesn’t apply to standard crypto-to-crypto exchanges.

Our fiat2crypto widget is already live on our platform. Check it out here and start your fully optimized trading journey.

Our decision-making dashboard makes tracking your trades easy

A crypto dashboard gives you access to live crypto data presented in a single-screen view. This makes understanding complicated information easier than ever. At bitoftrade, we’re taking this one step further by giving you both a token page and a decision making dashboard, with daily insights on cryptocurrency prices by market cap. It includes ‘Top Gainers’, ‘Top Losers’, and the ‘Most Popular’ coins to trade that day, which will help you when assessing market behavior. Our new token table works similarly to a coin tracker, letting you see up-to-date, detailed information about the coins available to trade on our platform. This includes the current price of the coin, the market cap, and the networks it’s available on.

Our crypto currency dashboard improves the user experience, presenting the option to track coins, as well as contextualize and leverage data in a way that’s never been done before. It will not only simplify logistics, it’ll help you improve the profitability of your trades!

Expect this on your bitoftrade platform in July 2022.

Get excited for our BTRADE token presale!

Our much anticipated BTRADE token presale is set to release SOON, and will be available to trade on all Ethereum networks. You’ll be able to add BTRADE to your crypto portfolio and overall trading strategy! BTRADE will be available on our own platform as well as other exchanges that support ERC-20 tokens.

We want BTRADE token holders to feel included in our community, which is why we’re offering you the chance to vote on future projects and help us grow to new heights! Our token holders will be able to impact the bitoftrade platform for the better, making it a unique and personalized trading experience for everyone.

Our BTRADE crypto presale is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out our upcoming July releases

We’ll soon be releasing our ‘academy for newbies’, a cross-chain widget, and our very own bitoftrade wallet! Stay up-to-date with us by checking out our blog.

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